McEnroe vs Federer: A battle of Mindset

In her book, Mindsets: The New Psychology of Success, Professor Carol Dweck uses John McEnroe as an example of a person with a Fixed Mindset. I think he’s a great example for many reasons. You can’t argue with the fact McEnroe was an extraordinary tennis player. He is ranked 6th in the list of most career […]

Succeeding with Habits of Mind now

Register today for access begining October 12th 2020 PLUS Free Webinar this Thursday. See details below Succeeding with Habits of Mind is not simply an online course. It’s a resource powerhouse you’ll come back to over and over again to sustain your work with the Habits of Mind. This essential course gives you access to […]

What do the experts say about “where to start”?

In 2014 I ran an online Habits of Mind Expo*, bringing together successful Habits of Mind schools from all over the world to share their practice and experience with Habits of Mind. As part of the Expo we interviewed 8 teams of school leaders. Each from very different settings and with a long and successful […]

Introducing Habits of Mind

Following on from last week’s tips, this week we look at some more strategies to help you teach a language of thoughtfulness to your students. Slogans and Catch Phrases: These are a great way to get the Habits of Mind into student-friendly language. Simply ask students to generate their own catch phrases, sayings and slogans for […]