College Admission Practice Test Prep Resources & Websites

College Admission Practice Test Prep Resources & Websites

October 15, 2018
Studying is never an easy task; it could get tiring and boring, not to mention very challenging! But with ample amount of preparation, this could get easy and engaging.

Preparation has always been one of the key features of success. And if you’re preparing for an exam, there’s no better way than to utilize all study resources to create a sound and effective study plan. Some of the most effective study materials every exam taker should consider are practice tests. These valuable references are somehow the determining factor that verifies your preparedness to take the exam. And if you’re one of the many people who need something valuable to make them a successful individual, let’s discuss some of the most beneficial practice tests currently.


GMAT Practice Test

The Graduate Management Admission Test or widely known as the GMAT test is an admission exam intended for graduate management programs such as Master in Business Administration and Master in Management. It is one of the priciest admission tests with a fee of $250. The GMAT features a Computer Adaptive Test, which means that each question becomes more and more difficult as the exam progresses. With the help of some GMAT practice tests, you can efficiently and effectively master all the important skills, including Verbal, Reading, Writing, Analytical, and Quantitative. Get a glimpse of the real exam through practice tests offered by ExamSnap, Exam-Labs, PrepAway and more.

GED Practice Test

Some colleges consider the GED or General Educational Development Test as equivalent to a high school diploma. Accordingly, for an individual in the U.S. or Canada, preparing for the GED Test is highly significant. Preparing for the GED Test, just like any other tests, must be coupled with practice tests that cover the key subject areas, including Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Luckily, the virtual world is furnished with lots of options for the GED practical test such as Mometrix, ExamSnap, ExamCollection, PrepAway, Exam-Labs, and GED Academy. All these practice tests are conveniently available so that exam takers can study anytime, anywhere.

ASVAB Practice Test

Ever dreamed of joining a military? If yes, then it’s high time to prepare for the ASVAB or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB. This timed, multiple-choice exam is managed by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command and maintained by the United States Department of Defense. The test is used to regulate who can be enlisted in the United States Armed Forces. If you’re planning to take the exam, whether you are 10th grader or much older, make sure that you have utilized different ASVAB practice tests online. These study materials allow you to gauge your expertise as well as polish areas that need improvement. Some of the websites offering useful ASVAB practice tests are ExamSnap and PrepAway.

HESI A2 Practice Test

For those individuals who have a flair for helping the sick and curing diseases, acing the HESI A2 exam is the most ideal way for a booming nursing career. HESI A2 or Health Education Systems Incorporated A2 is considered the exam for nursing students to check their attrition rate. The attrition rate refers to how well a person did in his or her field. Further, this validates a nurse’s possibility of success during the professional licensure exam. The test is administered by the nursing department at a university or college. By answering a series of HESI A2 practice tests, you’ll have an idea of how the test is formatted and how the topics are divided. Websites like ExamCollection, ExanSnap, PrepAway offer reliable HESI A2 practice tests.

ACT Practice Test

The ACT test is one of the most popular admission tests used by different colleges in the United States. As a standardized college admission test, it is very important for exam takers to prepare for the exam, and know the exam objectives beforehand. Now comes the worth of ACT practice test. Practice tests are often used to assess the readiness of high school students for the ACT test. By availing different practice tests, students can cover all the skill areas noted in the exam such as Science, Mathematics, English, and Reading. Get ready with your ACT test with the aid of online practice exams from the ACT itself and online resources.

LSAT Practice Test

If you’re one of the many aspirants who want to become a lawyer, the LSAT is the vital starting point in your career as a law student. LSAT or the Law School Admission Test is administered and offered by the Law School Admission Council to evaluate the capacity of candidates in terms of logic, verbal, and comprehension. Unlike most admission tests where prices are cheap and sometimes free, the LSAT has a registration fee of $180. To prepare for the LSAT, which is a timed, multiple-choice and writing section format, every candidate must answer practice tests from trustworthy websites like PrepAway, ExamSnpa, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs, and the LSAC. This way, you can stimulate your mastery and measure if you can finish the test under time constraints.


Passing an exam is likely one of the best feelings in the world. All your efforts are paid off and you can continue to another chapter of your life. Hence, practice tests should always be prioritized to give exam takers the chance to weigh their exam mastery and readiness. Answering different mock versions of the exam is very advantageous so that you can evaluate topics that need improvement.