james_04Welcome to the Habits of Mind! I hope I can support you and share in what will be the start of a powerful learning journey for you.

The resources on this site are all designed and selected to help you succeed with the Habits of Mind. And of course the first step to succeeding with Habits of Mind is to understand them. So I’ve selected some key resources below to help you start learning about the Habits of Mind.

If you’re relatively new to the Habits of Mind a good place to start is my free, “Introduction to Habits of Mind” course. It gives you a good overview of each of the Habits of Mind, and if you choose the guided version I’ll also connect you to many of the other resources on this site – it’s a great way to find what you need, without having to wade through stuff you’re not ready for yet.

There are some great summary readings to get you started here.

If you’re involved in education and looking for some reading, check out Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s foundational book, “Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind.

On the other hand if you’re looking at the Habits of Mind from a parenting perspective, then you’ll love “Raising Caring and Capable Kids with Habits of Mind”.

I also provide a wide range of Free Resources that you might want to browse through once you’ve got your bearings. Most of these are designed for teachers, but there’s something there for everyone.

I’m more than happy to be your guide as you learn about the Habits of Mind. There are many places on this website where you can comment on the various lessons and resources. I encourage you to do that, and I respond to questions all the time. If you want to contact me personally you can use the contact form.

All the best for your learning with Habits of Mind,


James Anderson

Oh, and if you’re interested in finding out more about me, and why I’ve chosen to spend my career supporting educators and other in succeeding with Habits of Mind, then you can find out more here.