James Anderson

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of school leaders, at all stages of their Habits of Mind journey, some just starting out, others many years down the track, but all seeking to infuse the Habits of Mind into their school culture in enduring ways.

Over time I’ve learnt a lot about what works, and what doesn’t. A few things have become very clear. Firstly, no two school journeys are exactly the same. There is no one recipe for success. Secondly, there are some common principles, and ways of working that tend to lead to greater success.

A Great Place To Start

In my “Secrets to Succeeding with Habits of Mind” video series, I outline four key ideas that my experience tells me are critical to long term success with Habits of Mind.

Wether you’re just starting your Habits of Mind Journey, wondering where to next, or even wondering why the Habits of Mind haven’t been as successful for you as you’d hoped, then I strongly encourage you to watch this free video series.

Working with Your Team

Are you looking for all those activities and resources to help get your team on board with Habits of Mind. To introduce them to the ideas and inspire them to go further? Then you’ll want to look at my new “A Leaders Guide to A Whole School Approach to Habits of Mind“. This course come resource for school leaders will give you the tools you need to get your staff onboard with Habits of Mind and the resources and advice to make sure it sticks!

Resources, resources, resources…

This site is full of resources for you and your team. Many free, some paid for. Browse my Free Resources, including some supportive reading, fee Insights into Habits of Mind ebook, and more.

There are also lots of resources in the Habits of Mind Store.

Learning from Other Habits of Mind Schools

Over the past 12 years I’ve run a bi-annual Habits of Mind Expo (in 2014 this was run in partnership with the Institute for Habits of Mind).  At this event I’ve gathered successful Habits of Mind schools from all around the world to share their insights. I’ve collected thousands of artefacts from these schools, and recorded many interviews with school leaders. I make these resources available as part of various online courses and/or consultancy packages.

Consulting and Advice

I’m always happy to talk to schools who are working with Habits of Mind. I offer a free 30 minute skype call to all leaders who are seeking to take a whole school approach to Habits of Mind. I’ll talk to about how to best approach your work, the resources available to you and how I might be able to support your work.

If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to “pick my brain”, I invite you contact me using the button below.

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