Habits of Mind Matching Game

How well do you know the Habits of Mind? Can you match all the names, icons and catch phrases? This is a great activity to help both adults and students get to know the Habits of Mind. Available either as a downloadable PDF that you can print and use in your classroom, or as an online game. Try the online version with your interactive whiteboard as a class activity!

Source: Habits of Mind Across the curriculum: Practical and Creative Strategies for Teachers, by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, ALexandria, VA: ASCD. (c) 2009 by ASCD. Reproduced with Permission. Learn more about ASSCD at www.ascd.org

Icons: Costa, A. and Kallick, B. (2000) Habits of MInd. A developmental series. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. (c) 2000 by ASCD