The Habits of Mind posters, available in full colour, are purchased under license.

A “Single” license allows the purchaser to print a single set of the posters for personal use.

A “Site” license allows the purchaser, or the organization named at the time of purchase, to print up to 20 sets of the posters for a single site (eg school).  If more than 20 sets of the posters are required then multiple licenses should be purchased.

This license explicitly forbids the posters to be reprinted for sale.

The purchaser should take all necessary steps to ensure that no more than the number of posters allowed under their license is printed.

Copyright for the icons, names of the Habits of Mind and definitions resides with ASCD. © 2009 by ASCD. All rights reserved.

The posters and associated images should not be altered, distributed or in any way made available beyond this license agreement.

The electronic files downloaded for printing must not be distributed or made available for others to access.

Any requests to use the icons, names, and definitions of the Habits of Mind for other purposes should be directed to