Habits of Mind Quotes

These quotes are provided to inform and inspire you about the Habits of Mind. Each one helps us see the Habit of Mind in a new light, and adds to our understanding of the Habit.

Feel free to share them with colleagues, post in your staffroom or classroom, or to share on Facebook and other social media. They are a gift to you. Simply right click on any quote to download it to your computer.

Comment below and tell others how and where you’re using these quotes.

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Want do download the PDF text set? More quotes for you to use in your classroom. Download here.


  • Jennifer Cote

    Love these!

  • Erica Garner

    Good Afternoon. These are a perfect resource for an activity I would like to do with my students. I noticed, however, that Thinking Interdependently and Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision were not represented. Taking Responsible Risks is listed 3 times. Are there quote groups for the other two categories?

    • James Anderson

      Thanks Erica, we are looking into this problem and will have it corrected shortly. Thanks for bring it to our attention. We’d love to see the activity you’re using these quotes with.

  • Erica Garner

    Thanks, James. It would be great to have the whole set for this exercise. I am working with matriculating college freshman and through our program they have been taught the Habits of Mind from 7th-12th grade. This activity will be done at our college send off event. Students will be will select 2-3 quote cards each, they will then go around the room and discuss their cards with other students. They can exchange, give, or keep cards that they think would be most meaningful to them. They can also select additional cards at different tables. The goal is to make connections with other students, do some self-assessment, share and encourage, and leave with some tokens of encouragement and support. Please let me know when the other two subjects are available.

  • smudrick

    I’m introducing my students to two Habits of Mind this week, focusing on one Habit a day. After introducing the Habit, I plan to have a gallery walk of these quotes where students can leave post-its about what they thought about the quote, what it made them think of, etc. Afterwards, we’ll reconvene and students will share their favorite quote and why.