Insights Into Habits of Mind Free Ebook

This ebook contains over 1 hour of video interviews with Art Costa. Carefully edited and arranged into short easily digestible chunks.Β Art explores topics and answers questions such as:

  • What are the Habits of Mind?
  • Where did the Habits of Mind come from?
  • What is the evidence supporting the efficacy of the Habits of Mind?
  • How do the Habits of Mind fit with other initiatives like Edward de Bono’s work, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Brain research and more.
  • What does getting better at the Habits of Mind look like?
  • Art’s personal reflections on 30 years of working with Habits of Mind and much much more.

This ebook originally sold for $40 but I now give it away free in return for completing the short form below.




  • Aloha Lavina

    I am investigating Habits of Mind for my school. Thank you,

  • Kim

    I am not able to take the survey which gives me a 404 error when I click on the Survey button. Hence no ebook for me :((
    Please help

  • lynt

    I took the survey and entered my password. But not able to access the free ebook : (

  • KatieMiller

    I’ve taken your survey but have not received a password.

  • Richard Wylie

    Did the survey but no email with the book came through. Took me to a page that needed a password and I don’t have one. Looks like a really useful resource though! πŸ™‚

    • James Anderson

      Hi Richard,
      sorry about that. Try ebook as the password.

  • James Anderson

    hi everyone, sorry for the problems some people have experienced.
    Normally what happens is that once you complete the survey you are sent an email with a link to the book. (this sometimes gets caught in spam filters).

    If you’re asked for a password, please enter “ebook” to access the page. (no quotation marks).

    If you still have problems, please email me directly and I’ll send the ebook to you. 99 times out of 100 it all works fine πŸ™‚