Introducing Habits of Mind

Following on from last week’s tips, this week we look at some more strategies¬†to help you teach a language of thoughtfulness to your students.

Slogans and Catch Phrases: These are a great way to get the Habits of Mind into student-friendly language. Simply ask students to generate their own catch phrases, sayings and slogans for the Habit of Mind you’re focusing on. Terms like “Stick To It!” instead of persistence, or “Stop, Think Do” for Managing impulsivity, can make the terms much more accessible¬†to students. In next week’s tips, I discuss the common question of “When can students start using this language?”

Posters: Developing images, cartoons or other graphical representations often help students communicate and develop meaning. I once had a group of students develop a poster for striving for accuracy by showing a person kicking for goal in a game of football. All the balls that were missing had messages about being more careful, talking to the coach or lining up the ball correctly. The ball that got the goal had “Perfect!” written on it.