Kingsmead College

Pic 1Kingsmead College in Johannesburg, South Africa, have been working with the Habits of Mind for several years now. I had the great pleasure of working with their whole staff in 2011.

The Habits of Mind at Kingsmead work are lead by Ingrid Beekhuizen, who is also part of the Habits of Mind team at Thinking Schools South Africa. She is a great resource for anyone in the area.

Ingrid has shared these two articles with us as expamples of the work being undertaken at Kingsmead and in her own classroom.

Check out “Think Spot” which is a regular teacher newsletter focused on the school’s Habits of Mind and teaching of thinking.

And from Ingrid’s own classroom a delightful story of how her stuents are learning to be better at Persisting by learning What to do when you get stuck!

Thanks for sharing Ingrid. 🙂