This flexible, self-paced online course is designed for teachers who are seeking to successfully implement the Habits of Mind in their classroom.

Originally developed by Art Costa and Bena Kallick, and enhanced and extended by James Anderson the course is designed to give teachers the insights and understandings need to work successfully with the Habits of Mind, together with a powerful blend of practical classroom strategies.

Divided into 10 short 30 – 90 minute lessons, you can complete the course easily over 10 weeks using the weekly emailed guides. Alternatively you can choose to complete the course over a long weekend, or stretch it out of the course of a year! It’s entirely up to you, and you have access to all course resources for 12 months.

Typical lessons include a video from Art and Bena or James Anderson, readings and resources and other activities. There are no formal assessments or graded assignments.

Course Features

  • Listen to Art Costa and Bena Kallick outline Habits of Mind, their origin and application in the classroom
  • Participate in a collaborative exploration of the Habits of Mind, sharing your insights and learning with other teachers from around the world.
  • Explore the nature of “Habits” and how this impacts on your teaching of Habits of Mind.
  • Where do Habits of Mind “fit” in the curriculum. Explore how the Habits connect to content, thinking skills and larger educational outcomes of values.
  • Watch examples of the Habits of Mind being taught and applied in primary, middle and senior contexts.
  • Where are you in your Habits of Mind Journey? In this recorded webinar discover the common journey schools take with the Habits of Mind and identify where you’re school is at. Are you teaching, or developing the Habits of Mind?
  • Discover how to Activate and Engage the Habits of Mind as you watch presentations by Art Costa and Bena Kallick diving deeply into Listening with Empathy and Understanding, Managing Impulsivity, and Remaining Open to continuous learning.
  • Extend on what Art and Bena have to say as James Anderson adds even more practical classroom strategies and applications to Art and Bena’s work.
  • Explore Powerful Questions with Art and Bena and learn how to apply these in your classrooms.
  • Discover the power of the Dimensions of Growth and how these provide the pathway for not only helping you understand the teachers role in developing the Habits of Mind, but also ensure your enduring success with the Habits.
  • Apply the Dimensions of Growth as you explore Striving for Accuracy, building a rubric to guide student development of this Habit of Mind.
  • Finally, collaboratively reflect and share your insights with your colleagues.

Collaboration – Learn from Others

The course is designed to give you opportunities to collaborate and learn from others. You’ll be part of a cohort of over 200 recent and present participants who have shared their ideas, strategies and resources.

Ongoing Support & Mentoring

James Anderson provides support and mentoring throughout the course and is available to respond to questions and add additional insights to your work.
There are also additional resources and support available for teams. See information about registering as a team below.

Register as a team and get these Bonuses

Team of up 3-5

Discounted Registration ($250 pp)

Free Access to the Habits of Mind Resource Library

Team of 6 – 10

Discounted Registration ($225 pp)

Free Access to the Habits of Mind Resource Library

Free Access to “A Leaders Guide to Habits of Mind”

Team of 10+

Discounted registration ($200 pp)

Free Access to the Habits of Mind Resource Library.

Free Access to “A Leaders Guide to Habits of Mind”

Free web conference with James Anderson for your team or leadership group.

What’s not Covered?

This course does not cover leadership aspects of the Habits of Mind, including how to introduce and sustain this work at a whole school level. The online course “A Leaders Guide to Habits of Mind” outlines issues such as:

      • How to get everyone “onboard” with Habits of Mind
      • Dealing with common challenges, including “blockers”
      • Resources for introducing Habits of Mind at staff meetings
      • Sustaining Habits of Mind through: Environment, Curriculum, Wider School Community, Policy & Practices.

School Leaders with the responsibility of leading this work at a whole school level are encouraged to register to the “A Leaders Guide to Habits of Mind” online course – available free with registration of 6 or more teachers to the “Practical Classroom Strategies” online course.

How to Register

Individuals can register directly from here.

Teams: Please email your teams names and email addresses to

Payment Methods

Within Australia: Cheque, Direct Debit, Credit Card

Outside Australia: Credit Card Payment is the preferred method. Cheques also accepted but may attract a fee.

Got a Question?

Please ask any questions you might have in the comment section below, or email James Anderson directly.


  • Jaime Yaeger

    Do any of your courses offer graduate credits that are transferable to state of Wisconsin DPI?

    • James Anderson

      Unfortunately no, there are no graduate credits available for these courses, just better teaching and learning outcomes for your students.