Mindful Garden of Verses (Plus Student and Teacher Guide)


Soft Cover Edition+ Student and Teacher Guide

Help introduce and explore the Habits of Mind with your students using this engaging collection of 17 poems. This hardbound children's book and accompanying learning resources helps brings the Habits of Mind to life in the early and middle years classroom.

Poetry Book: Features a poem that reinforces each habit, along with a delightful, colourful collage sure to capture the attention of students from the earliest years to year 8. Easy to use as a read aloud book.

Comes with an 84 page Mind Binder workbook and the complimentary teachers guide is a companion to “A Mindful Garden of Verse” . Which provided multiple activities for each habit, bringing the habits to vivid life. This is a pdf that is able to be copied for each student in your class and will be emailed to you after purchase.

The Mindful Garden Of Verses (HOM Poetry Book) -sowing the seeds for lifelong learning Here is a sample…

What is a Habit?

A Habit is something you repeat and repeat,

Like saying “hello” to the people you meet.

Some habits are good; some habits are bad.

Some make you happy; some make you sad.


Habits are like a garden full of seeds.

Some grow into flowers; others into weeds.

Habits like exercising are good to do.

Habits like smoking are bad for you.


Some habits are noisy like cracking your toes.

Some habits are gross like picking your nose.

Once you have a habit it's very hard to lose.

So be very careful of the ones you choose.


Allow me to speak to you as a good friend

And suggest the habits that I recommend.

They are habits for your mind – that's right – just for you.

They help you solve problems and know what to do.


As you turn the pages of this book and read each poem

You'll be welcoming great habits into your home.



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