The Agile Learner


The Agile Learner combines three powerful ideas: Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Virtuous Practice. It shows teachers not only how to create the Growth Mindset, but also how to translate that Mindset into actual growth in their student’s abilities.

In The Agile Learner you will:

Go beyond social media hype to a deep understanding of Mindsets

Stop treating the symptoms of a Fixed Mindset, and learn how to address the underlying causes

Explore the Mindset Continuum, and it’s importance to making practical changes to students mindset

Create powerful Mindset Movers that will shift students mindsets

Examine the subtle but powerful influence a teacher’s Mindset has on students

Learn how to translate a Growth Mindset in to actual growth

Discover the Four Rules about Talent and learn how to apply them in your classroom

Develop Learning Power in students with Habits of Mind

Learn why not all sorts of practice work, and how to encourage Virtuous Practice

Help student grow by showing them how to engage in Effective Effort.

Much more…

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