We can be successful too

I’m always amazed how quickly students engage with the Habits of Mind.

I like to think I’m a reasonably good teacher. I work hard at making my classes relevant and interesting for students. But when we come to the Habits of Mind, they seem to automatically make their own connection. They see the relevance and importance immediately.

When I introduce the Habits of Mind I talk about where they came from.

The Habits aren’t simply a list of “useful things kids should do”. They are what successful people actually do.¬†They haven’t been created, the Habits of Mind have been derived. They have an authenticity about them that students recognise and value.

The video below is of a student I taught many years ago. What he says captures nicely the attitude most students take towards the Habits of Mind when they are introduced as the way successful people use their minds.

“… if we do this then we can be successful too…”