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  • Stacy Winsberg

    Site looks awesome, James!

  • Sharon Mohrmann

    Our school system uses Habits of Minds in all of their classrooms and as a part of our staff development. I used the book, “The Ultimate Gift” with my students and had the students identify the habits in each chapter of the book. It was very easy for them. We were able to speak with the author, Jim Stovall and asked him if he knew about the Habits of Minds and he told us that he did and used them every day in his life and thought about them as he wrote his book. He was very pleased that our 5th grade classroom was also using them in our life and lessons. Keep creating creative opportunities for students, teachers and families!

  • kate pearce

    Thank you

  • mohammed

    I am so satisfied that there is such a good web resources for teachers like us. Good work , Anderson and the team! I am enjoying this and learning a lot!

  • cathy lock


  • sanjay kumar sharma

    I am satisfied this is good resource for us .

  • Suleyman Kor


  • Margaret

    Attended your seminar on Tuesday. It’s really got me thinking how to fine tune my feedback to develop my students’ thinking to help them progress and set goals. Thanks so much James.

    • James Anderson

      Thanks Margaret! Glad you got a lot out of the seminar 🙂

  • Angie M. Carver

    High quality Spanish materials are valuable and rare. Sharing this information with my seventy-one 5th grade Spanish Immersion students will create a life changing experience in the way they approach their learning and see themselves.

  • ayat

    i’m a kindergarten teacher. how can i help young children develop habits of mind
    thank you for your effort

  • La’Nette Murphy

    Thank You

  • Lindy Harrison

    Looking forward to learning more

  • Laura Newsome

    Looking forward to applying these.

  • Marie Strain

    We are really excited to be using these. Thanks.

  • Rhonda Bailey