What do the Habits Look Like in Your School?

6a0133f4fe1c27970b0168eb2e6c23970c-320wiDoing some web browsing the other day I came across some work being done at th Denali Montessori School, in Anchorage Alaska. Student in their Ignite program had made mask and hand sculptures and written personal reflection essays about the Habits of Mind. These artifacts had gone on public display.

The image to the left was created by one of their students and represents three Habits of Mind: Creating Imaging Innovating, Questioning and Posing Problems, and Thinking Flexibly.

You can read more about this innovative work at the Denali Montessori schools in this blog: Habits of Mind at the Forum

Many schools have created posters or slogans to represent the Habits of Mind, but now I’m wondering how many other ways the Habits of been represented in the school environment.

At my last school we talked about creating interactive scultpures and art to represent each of the Habits. One school I worked with even introduced the Habits of Mind to their staff using images of staff memebers that they felt exemplified each of the Habits!

Other examples of how schools have represented the Habits of Mind are shown in the video below.

How have you represented the Habits of Mind in your school? Or perhaps a better question: what are some of the ways you might be able to represent the Habits of Mind in your school environment? Leave your comments below and send images or videos to info@mindfulbydesign.com and we’ll share your images here.