James Anderson : Speaker, Author and Educator
Creator of the www.habitsofmind.org website

I launched this Habits of Mind website in the late 1990’s when I was working with Habits of Mind in my own classroom.

Throughout my career as a consultant, speaker, author and educator the Habits of Mind have remained a central part of my work. They form core components of my three books: Succeeding with Habits of Mind, The Agile Learner, and The Learning Landscape.

I have had the honour to work closely with Art Costa and Bena Kallick, as well as many passionate educators. Together we have worked to infuse the Habits of Mind into schools and systems, into classroom and the wider community – with extraordinary results.

We have learnt much since Art Costa and Bena Kallick first shared either work with the world more than 25 years ago. Today we know how to weave the Habits of Mind into the culture of a school. We’ve learnt which strategies make a difference to student learning outcomes and which don’t. We’ve learnt how schools truely succeed with Habits of Mind, and we have the testimonies of school leaders to prove it.

My hope is that this site serves as a resource for teachers and school leaders. That it provides a conduit to pass on 20 years of experience and learning onto the great number of schools that daily seek to help make the world a more thought-filled place with Habits of Mind.

On these pages you’ll find free resources to help you get started with Habits of Mind, including Habits of Mind posters, blogs and free ebooks.

You’ll also find an invitation to join my Succeeding with Habits of Mind online course. This course is available to both individual teachers and to schools seeking to infuse the Habits of Mind throughout their school. It is the culmination of 20 years of learning with educators from around the world. It replaces all my previous online courses and is your key to succeeding with Habits of Mind.