Habits of Mind Posters

Every Habits of Mind classroom needs a set of posters. This beautiful set of 16 posters is available in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Welsh and Dutch. These posters are my gift to you, to help you continue your work with Habits of Mind.

Full colour posters are available for individual or whole school purchase in theย store.

Download your Habits of Mind Multiple Language Poster Kit

What about Habits of Mind in Other Languages

If you’d like to see these Habits of Mind posters produced in other languages, simply send me the translations, with the English equivalent, of:
  1. Name of the Habit
  2. Catch Phrase
  3. Definition in the language you’d like to see produced, and I’ll arrange for them to be made using the above posters as the template.
I’d love to see this section grow! How many languages can we collect? Send the translation
Source: Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum: Practical and Creative Strategies for Teachers, by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, Alexandria, VA: ASCD. (C) 2009 by ASCD. Reproduced with permission. Visit ASCD at www.ascd.org.


  • Kimberly J.B. Smith

    A colleague gave me the article describing the 16 habits of mind and it was excellent. It compliments two other processes we have at our elementary school. They are: 7 Habits of Happy Kids and Neurodevelopment/ Metacognition (my M.Ed. concentration). Thank you!!!

    • James Anderson

      Hi Kim, you’re welcome. I’d love to hear more about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Is that related to Covey’s 7 Habits?

  • Tim Hill

    Thank you

  • Binti

    Hi James!
    In extension to Kim’s comment on is 7 H of happy kids related to Covey’s 7 H. Yes it is. it is written by Jr Covey and tells us of how & H can be implemented in young children. It’s the same Habits re-framed with age relevant examples.

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  • Carol Watros

    Great materials.

  • scadop

    Whoever organizes habits of mind should contact private institutions or try Bill Gates. Public schools seldom have the vision and independence to recognize great ideas outside of mainstream education. They simply, by in large, blame different grades for students’ lack of preparation, do not take any initiative as they are overwhelmed with responsibilities beyond their control, and teachers are usually unmotivated to change their teaching routines.

    Your ideas are fundamental for the future of our students’ critical thinking as they focus on the consciousness of learning rather than how comfortable teachers make the act of learning.

    Also, private funds could be used to open centers where students can go and discover how to think. There is a huge starving crowd of parents who would seriously consider habits of thinking as after school activity for their children.

    Unfortunately, there are no theorists with enterprising ambitions. Ergo, we are constantly back to the beginning waiting for the perfect storm to happen.

    I love your stuff.

    • Carol Wethington

      My school district is embracing the Habits of Mind whole-heartedly and 100%! We are excited that we seem to have discovered the “what’s missing?” piece since we do pretty well with content. The thought that we will be moving all students into being learners has revitalized us!

  • Shannon Sleeper

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  • Juli Cobb

    I use Habits of Mind in all my classes as the underlying common language for skill building. Thanks for the posters and great informational ‘stuff’ to help get this wonderful life learning curriculum in more classrooms! My current project with my language arts special ed kids is a HOM poster design project where they work in pairs learning and teaching their chosen habit in sign language. They are loving it…..

    • James Anderson

      Wow Juli, that sounds really exciting. I’d love to see some images or video of the kids signing the Habits. Somewhere in the Resource Library there’s a copy of the HOM in sign done by a school for the deaf that I worked with in Melbourne many years ago.

      All the best


  • J Spencer

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  • Sharon Watkins

    Thanks – would love a copy of the posters for our learning studio

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  • Lois Brewer

    Free posters in English, please. Thank you so much!

  • Sara

    Dear Anderson,
    i started my these to use habits of mind to ease the difficulties regarding reading for the 5 years students and i would appreciate your help.

  • Ellen Rini

    I have enjoyed using the HOM videos this year and want to expand my program. I am an elementary counselor.

  • asmaa

    hi dear james anderson,
    I began my studies in the master’s degree in special education and is about the habits of mind in deaf children I hope you help me

  • Sullivananchorage

    Thank you for providing this resource!

  • Winfred

    Wonderful resources

  • Doug


    (is a version in full color available? Color brings greater impact and interest!)

    • James Anderson

      Hi Doug,

      there are colour posters available in the store, but what most teachers do (including myself) is to print these black and white ones onto coloured paper.

  • Sam2908

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  • Natalie Slice

    I have just begun teaching the Habits of Mind…the posters would be a wonderful resource!

  • mark evans

    I am introducing HOM as part of our thinking skills drive.

  • Ellen Rini

    I am an elementary school counselor. I have a subscription to the Wonder Grove videos that I use in my guidance classes. Thanks for the posters!

  • Michelle Smith

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    Thank you for providing these free resources. I will make good use of them.

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    Thank you for your free gift ! We are excited to be using HOM in our school as our behaviour for learning reward system ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jane wilkinson

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  • Lewis Cartwright

    These look fantastic. Thanks.

  • Lsura

    I’ve got a set of pretty gifted students this year, students who are used to “being smart” without much effort, and it stunts their intellectual energy. They don’t see their habits as being part of the equation, and I hope this will help that change.

  • valerie neuharth

    Can I get a copy of the posters?

    • James Anderson

      HI Valerie,
      yes, you’re welcome to download a set of the posters. I notice you’ve used a hotmail account. For some reason hotmail seems to block the delivery of the posters. Please try another account.

  • MAB

    Hi! I’ve signed up quite a while ago but unfortunately not received the posters.

    • James Anderson

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      sorry you didn’t receive your posters. Unfortunately gmail sometimes blocks the delivery of the posters. Please try subscribing with another email address to ensure your posters arrive.

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  • Liz

    I looked in the store for the color posters, and all I could find was one poster with all the color icons. Do you have the individual posters for each habit in color?

    • James Anderson

      We are currently looking at producing a set of posters like this. Keep an eye on our facebook and email for samples for people to tell us what’s going to work best for them

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  • Catie Larsen

    How do we get the posters? I haven’t received any yet? Maybe it is taking a while?

    • James Anderson

      Hi Catie,
      the posters are usually sent in an email a few minutes after you submit the form. Please check your junk mail folders if they don’t arrive.

  • Marie Strain

    We are going to use the habits of mind as themes for our pupils .
    Many thanks in advance.