About James Anderson

James Anderson began his work with Habits of Mind as a classroom teacher more than 15 years ago. His classroom experiences led him to a statewide role supporting schools working with Habits of Mind, and eventually to his current role as director of his own educational consulting company, Mindful by Design.

James is an affiliate director of Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s Institute for Habits of Mind, which supports the worldwide mission of creating a more thoughtful world. His work is fully endorsed by the Institute. He is the author of Succeeding with Habits of Mind and has has published work in Costa and Kallick’s foundational books, Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind, and Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum.

James has worked with schools around the world helping them succeed at all levels with the Habits of Mind. From the early introduction of the Habits of Mind and supporting schools to “get everyone onboard”, through the deep infusion of the Habits of Mind into the curriculum, and sustaining the journey with whole school approach, James has developed expertise from years of practical experience.

James is also the mastermind behind the Habits of Mind Expo. This long-running event has been bringing Habits of Mind schools together for more than 10 years,  to share best practice with Habits of Mind and to develop plans for long term, sustained success with the Habits of Mind. In 2014 the Habits of Mind Expo became an online event cosponsored by The Institute for Habits of Mind.

James is passionate about his work, and brings a unique combination of practical experiences with an energetic and engaging presentation style to his work supporting schools with Habits of Mind.







Site Based Learning

James Anderson regularly provides site based learning to schools throughout Australia, and around the world. All training can be tailored to meet your school’s individual learning needs based on your experience and goals for Habits of Mind. Training can be conducted to whole school groups or to targeted groups of teachers. Training can also be offered during or outside school hours.

James offers part, full and multi-day workshops and presentations on all aspects of the Habits of Mind. Use the button below to contact James to discuss the best learning solution for your school’s staff.

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Virtual Training & Consultancy

Where it is impractical to conduct face-to-face workshops James Anderson is able to offer highly engaging and flexible online learning solutions.

All learning can be tailored to your schools individual learning needs and can be conducted as a powerful combination of live webinar presentations combined with online recorded course material.

If you’re trying to work out the best way to introduce Habits of Mind to your whole staff, let James coach you in best practice, provide you with the resources you’ll need, complement your work with live webinars and online lessons and answer all your questions along the way.

This powerful option allows you to build an ongoing mentor relationship between James and your team.

Use the button below to contact James to inquire about support, coaching and virtual training options to suit your school.

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James’ Secrets to Succeeding with Habits of Mind

Watch the video and listen to James introduce himself and describe his 15-year learning journey with Habits of Mind that has lead him to identify the 4 essential components for succeeding with Habits of Mind. Regardless of whether you are new to the Habits of Mind, or more experienced, these four videos are bound to add insight and clarity to your understanding of the Habits of Mind.

At the end of the video James invites you to subscribe to his 4 part video series “Secrets to Succeeding with Habits of Mind”. Use the form below to get instant access to the video series.