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Welcome to the Habits of Mind Teacher Resource Library.

ResourceLibraryThe resource library is a collection of over 400 Habits of Mind lessons, actives, resources, and units of work developed by teachers for teachers. Every resource has been used successfully in someone’s classroom.

The Resource Library Motto

The motto of the resource library is to “adapt, not adopt”. These resources were designed by teachers for use in their own classroom, or in some cases as resources for introducing Habits of Mind to teachers. Although you’ll find plenty you can apply directly to your work, you’re also likely to find heaps of ideas that you can transfer to your own work, and lots of resources that with some modification will work in your setting.

The resources vary enormously. Some are complete units of work, fully documented. Others are simple activities. All resources have been “tagged”, allowing you basic functionality to search by year level, habits of mind addressed and other basic criteria.

To find out more about how to access the resource library, contribute to the resource library, or our submission guidelines, please use the tabs on the side of the page.

There are two ways to access the Resource Library.

Paid Access – for immediate access you can purchase access to the Resource Library through our store.

Become a Contributor – By contributing a resource that meets the submission guidelines you get full access to all resources in the library without charge.

Why do we do it like this?

We want the resource library to grow, and be filled with examples of teachers work that help develop student’s Habits of Mind. To encourage teachers to share their resources we essentially offer you the cost of access to the library as payment for your resource.

Why pay for access, when you could contribute something you’re using in your classroom already?

Of course, if you’re just starting out, or for any other reason don’t want to contribute to the library straight away, you can always purchase access.

If you have a resource that meets the submission guidelines simply send it to us. We’ll review it, and post it on the site, giving you full access to the Resource Library in return.

All we need is:

– the resource in an acceptable file format. (PDF, DOC, DOCX, image files, mpeg etc)

– a brief description to help others understand what the resource is and how it has been used

– your suggestion for age level. and the Habits of Mind it addresses

Submit the above using the Resource Library Submission submission page.

Resource Library Submission

We’ll get back to you normally within 7-10 days.

Anyone is invited to contribute to our growing collection of resources, provided the resources adhere to the following guidelines

– The resource must be the authors original work. We cannot make work available where doing so would breach copyright laws.

– The resource must have been used successfully in a classroom or school environment. The expectation is that it worked in at least your classroom.

– The resource must be clearly related to Habits of Mind.  We don’t include resources that are “just good teaching resources”. There are other websites for general teacher resources.

– The connection to the Habits of Mind must be clear and explicit. Resources that are submitted because they simply “require” the Habits of Mind, are not accepted. The resource must clearly be directed at teaching the Habits of Mind (i.e. an introduction) or specifically and explicitly aimed at developing student’s Habits of Mind.







  • Jan Powers

    I would like to be able to see a few examples of the resources.

  • Yonia Muñoz

    I would like to see them too…

  • Yonia Muñoz

    Is it posible to teach habits of mind in an English class? I mean in a class in which main objective is to learn English..

    • James Anderson

      Hi Yonia,
      absolutely. In fact most of the time I would advocate that the Habits of Mind be integrated into the teaching of another subject. The idea is to use the content as the vehicle to enhance and develop the Habits of Mind, and in doing so you improve the learning of the subject area.

  • Brigitte

    Are any of these resources suitable for early childhood education?

    • James Anderson

      Hi Brigette,

      yes, many of them are created by primary school or early learning teachers. The motto throughout the Resource Library is to adapt, not adopt, so you’d be looking for ways to adapt what others have done to your own setting and children.

  • Sheila

    I see the whole idea of Habits of the Mind being something that you do ( use of language (growth mindset), modeling and encouraging feedback from students using the language), as an ongoing process so it becomes a part of what is done naturally in our interactions. ?

  • Darlene

    Can you tell me about one of the resources I could use in an 8th grade reading class. I would like to know what I am spending $25 on even though I will be using HOM for the first 6-8 weeks of class this year. Thanks so much!

    • James Anderson

      Hi Darline,
      the resources in the teacher resource library are examples of work teachers have developed for their classroom. They vary a lot in the year level they were produced for, the type of resource, the length etc. Some are basic activities, some are fully developed units of work. Some are designed to help you introduce the HOM, some are designed to infuse the Habits of Mind into other content. What they all have in common is that they were produced by practicing teachers, committed to HOM, and that they worked in their classrooms. The motto is to adapt, not adopt. You’ll find a lot of resources that will inspire you, some that you might use with a bit of modification, and a few that you’ll be able to pick up and use directly in your classroom.

  • Morgan

    I have purchased the resources, how do I get to them ? What do I do now?

    • James Anderson

      Hello Morgan,
      once you’re purchased and your payment has been processed, you will get a new menu item at the top of the page to access the resources. You’ll only see this if you’re logged in with the same user name as you purchased access with. Please contact support@mindfulbydesign.com if you need further help.

  • kamangan

    I love the new habits of mind posters however, I would like them in colour not black and white. Is there any way to get or pay for a colour copy??

    • James Anderson

      New colour posters are coming very soon 🙂