What do the experts say about “where to start”?

In 2014 I ran an online Habits of Mind Expo*, bringing together successful Habits of Mind schools from all over the world to share their practice and experience with Habits of Mind.

As part of the Expo we interviewed 8 teams of school leaders. Each from very different settings and with a long and successful history with Habits of Mind. We asked them about their journey with Habits of Mind, the challenges they overcame and how they did that. We asked them about the benefits and outcomes they’d seen as a result of their efforts. And we asked them¬†“What advice would you give to a school setting out with Habits of ¬†Mind?”.

The video below is the collection of all their responses to this last question – the experts message to schools starting out with Habits of Mind.

Leave your questions, and reflections below, or share your own insights and advice about how best to succeed with Habits of Mind on a whole school level.



* Expo was run in partnership with the Institute for Habits of Mind.